Black books you should be reading in September

Okay, I am going to tell you a secret if you promise not to tell. I juggle books. I wouldn’t say I do it particularly well but that is my story. Thank you for attending my Ted talk.

You can thank me later!

Yes, I have the utter audacity to tell you which books you should be reading right now even if I have not myself finished them. Let me tell you why I am qualified to make such demands- I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I do judge it by the first chapter.

Is this an exact science? Obviously not. Feel free to trudge through a truly terrible book or one that is possibly amazing. However life is short and I choose not to. The books that I recommend you check out are ones that have interested me from the first chapter. Though I do base what I read and when I read it on my mood the following are ones I think you will come back to regardless of whether you are fickle as I am.

Simply click the covers to be taken to Amazon to purchase. Not that Amazon is the only place to purchase these books but you can read the full description and request your library purchase them.

Certain Reprisal by Kevin Macklin

Available on Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Fans of urban literature and suspense thrill chasers alike are going to love Certain Reprisal written by Kevin Macklin.

It is book number three in the Jon Dough series. It gives me the feel of the grittiness of The Wire and Jon is a reminder that not all heroes wear capes. And it is not often that we meet a hero who is also a bonafide criminal.

This novel takes off quickly when members of his community come to him to help him find several missing women who recently accused a police officer of misconduct. He cares about these women of “questionable character” when no one else does.

Certain Reprisal is available for free with Kindle Unlimited membership. It is also available for $3.99 as an eBook and as a paperback for $9.99.

Deadly Sacrifice by Stella One

Available via Kindle and as an Audible exclusive

Deadly Sacrifice is the first novel released by Stella Oni on September 16, 2020.

Stella packs a powerful punch with a tale meant to carry us to some pretty dark and uncomfortable places. The book opens with us meeting Detective Tokes Ade who has been summoned after the hand of a child is found.

Yes, the hand of an actual child! This discovery takes us from the pits of London to the lush descriptions of Nigeria with plenty of dark forces at work. Think ritual sacrifices, human trafficking and then battle against those that protect the very guilty while exploiting the very weak.

I must say this one promises to be a heavy hitter. I was able to purchase this via Audible almost two full weeks before the actual eBook release date- so that is just a little trick in the future if you simply cannot wait for a book to release.

Deadly Sacrifice is an Audible exclusive and can be purchased as an eBook for $5.17.

Lemon Filled Disaster by Tyora Moody

Available on Kindle Unlimited and Audible

Tyora Moody is my favorite cozy mystery writer.

But please do not hold that against her. Her books are just little delights to read. Especially if you like knowing that a retiree over the age of 60 will somehow become involved in a murder mystery.

On that note Eugeena Patterson will never fail you. This is book number three in the Eugeena Patterson Mystery series. Book number four will be released in October. That will give you some time to catch up in the series if you have not already been following Eugeena as she stumbles over a dead body or two.

This time she is simply trying to select the perfect lemony cake for her son’s upcoming nuptials when her future daughter in law gets caught up in the very worst kind of way when a blast from her past blows back in suddenly. Too bad that the guys lights are blown out soon afterwards. But that’s what makes the story criminally delicious.

Lemon Filled Disaster is available for purchase via Kindle Unlimited and as an eBook for $3.99. It also has a fantastic Audible version which I also purchased.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the books I am suggesting. I will be doing specific blog posts in the future but please let me know in the comments if you have read any of the works of these authors and what you think of their books.

And again, thank me later!


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