Black Cozy Mysteries to die for… but simply pre-ordering will do too

If you are familiar with my original blog then you will know I am really here for the cozy mysteries.

It is not only the thing that tugged at my heart but it is also the thing that got me into blogging. I don’t think that I could love cozies any more! The true legends Barbara Neely and Nora DeLoach certainly paved the way for black cozy mystery authors to follow.

With that being said there simply are not enough modern day black cozy mystery authors who feature black main characters. So in my way I will do all that I can to celebrate and promote the emerging works within the genre. After all, if we don’t share their existence then we will find ourselves continually struggling to find them.

Thankfully we have some new releases on the horizon that are sure to whet our appetites for more.

Poetic Justice by Andrea J. Johnson

New author, Andrea J. Johnson, brings new meaning to the phrase “poetic justice”.

Who would know how to develop an intriguing courthouse series better than a former court reporter? Johnson promises to turn the phrase from one that reminds us of Janet Jackson’s braids or Kendrick Lamar asking us if he told us a flower grew in a dark room would we trust it to a whole new level of cozy mystery greatness.

Based on the synopsis I am going to say that not a whole lot should be trusted. We are introduced to Victoria Justice who is a court stenographer who finds herself facing off with her former childhood bully after her mentor, a Judge, is found drowned in the courthouse bathroom.

More actual, and career, deaths follow as Victoria teams up with the state trooper who has been accused of mishandling evidence in order to find the killer and foil a conspiracy. Thankfully she has her transcripts of the proceedings to help them crack the code before it is too late.

Poetic Justice releases just in time for Thanksgiving dinner on November 24, 2020. It is available via Amazon in hardcover for the current pre-order price of $20.94. Can you think of a more perfect way to start off your holiday shopping season than by buying this?

Johnson is already working on book two in the series and I will be sure to update you on developments as news becomes available. However, this is surely a series you will want to get in on from book one.

A Simmering Delima by Tyora Moody

Join me in welcoming book four in the Eugeena Patterson Mystery series.

If you are not already familiar with Eugeena just know that you probably should be. You’re missing out on all the fun that this retired school teacher brings to a super pleasant mystery read. Eugeena is such a nice lady that you don’t even mind that she is so persistent in butting into crime that the police alone cannot stop her.

When disaster strikes, as it tends to do when she’s within a five mile radius, she is there to realistically save the day. And I say realistically because what I love about her is that she really doesn’t go doing some crazy daredevil things that leave me puzzled and thinking ” wouldn’t a mature woman have too much arthritis to attempt such things?”

This is neatly categorized as a Christian mystery and rightfully so because Eugeena relies on her faith to get her through many a tribulation. I would note that anyone of any religion would be happy to read this series. The audiobooks are also richly narrated.

A Simmering Dilemma takes place following the recent nuptials of Eugeena who has a super sweet, former cop husband. The newlyweds welcome his troublesome daughter to the neighborhood and not long after someone is dead and fingers are being pointed toward Eugeena’s stepdaughter.

What a way to start a marriage. The good news is you don’t have to start the series before diving into this book. As with most cozy mysteries this can serve as a standalone novel.

You can purchase A Simmering Dilemma as an eBook for $3.99 or as a paperback for $12.99 today via Amazon today.

A Glimmer of Death by Valerie Wilson Wesley

Valerie Wilson Wesley is back!

This time with a long overdue cozy mystery. If you are not familiar with Wesley’s previous Tamara Hayle mystery series then you most certainly need to start getting caught up today.

It should occupy you until the January 2021 release of the first in her new paranormal cozy mystery series, A Glimmer of Death.

Wesley introduces us to Odessa Jones who has a psychic, and delicious baking, ability that comes in handy when her bully of a boss is discovered murdered. From the synopsis it sounds like everyone wants a piece of the guy from his wife to a co-worker of Odessa’s who is a victim of his bullying.

A Glimmer of Death is available for pre-order via Amazon for $9.99 on Kindle and on paperback for $15.95. This novel releases January 26, 2021 which will serve you well as you cap off the new year.


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