Pursuit of the Truth by K.D. Richards

Introducing a new author and a new sub-genre to the blog. Author K.D. Richards brings us a romantic suspense novel that is kind of to die for. K.D. herself is black excellence personified; she is a former attorney and legal instructor who grew up outside of Washington D.C. aka “Chocolate City”.

Her debut, PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH, was released this month by Harlequin and I can tell you it is unputdownable if that is a word. I started reading it while out in the country and it was entirely gripping.

Now normally I cannot take my eyes off of the scenery. But this time I had my face thoroughly stuck in this book! From the very first chapter this tale is one that will grab your attention.

The main characters are Ryan West and Nadia Shelton. Ryan is a handsome hazel-eyed man with a body made for beating up the bad guys. He co-owns West Security alongside his brother, Shawn West. As far as temperament goes he comes across as extremely loyal and protective of those he loves. Lucky for Nadia.

Nadia Shelton, by the way, is the CEO of Harlem based Shelton Hotels. Her father is the founder of the hotel and she is at the helm of it after the death of her brother, Nathan Shelton. She is a smart, reasonable and well-dressed dark skinned beauty.

The action begins immediately. We hardly meet Nadia before you get the feeling of being stalked and an imminent danger. While on her way to meet Ryan she is pushed in front of a car in the middle of a busy NYC street. From there we are on high alert until the end.

It is a good thing that Nadia knew well enough to engage Ryan West for her own protection. He takes her, and any threats against her, seriously from the start. Using his instincts and desires to keep her safe every step of the way.

The plot also introduces us to things that give the reader a chance to think about some of the dynamics that hinder us all in any relationship. From familial ties that can put us in harms way to classism. It also makes us question the lines of professionalism- how far would you go for love and what lines would you step across to get there?

Not once did I cringe at anything that Nadia said or did. She didn’t reduce herself to histrionics nor did she come across as too stubborn to live. I wanted Ryan by her side every single step of the way.

And to Ryan’s credit he did not seem as if he was seeking a “pick me” type of woman. If you don’t know what a “pick me” type of woman is then you probably did not attend a gym class in elementary school- I’m just saying. Nor did he seem to want to chase a woman to the ends of the earth like some bizarre Wile E. Coyote adventure. Thankfully, their character types lead me to enjoying a Goldilocks romance- it was just right.

PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH was steamy without being vulgar. This type of romantic plot is perfect for me. Possibly not ideal for my neighbors who may or may not have overheard me going “awwww” and “ohhhhh” from over on my side of the fence while I was engulfed in this read. Let them talk!

I simply loved this book and I now plan on reviewing more Romantic Suspense books in the future.

Congratulations to K.D. Richards on releasing this wonderful addition to the world of Crime Fiction. I would like to extend my gratitude to the author for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Be sure to check out her website, IG and Twitter and let her know your thoughts. We certainly look forward to all of the books she will release in the future.


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